Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adorable Petti Rompers from Baby Lace Rompers on Zulily!

These adorable petti rompers from Baby Lace Rompers are only $17.99 on!I bought one a few months ago from Chic Baby Rose on Etsy and I am so in love with them. They are great for newborn photo shoots and birthday shoots as well!

Baby Lace Rompers on Zulily

This picture is from my daughter's first birthday shoot. The petti romper is from Chic Baby Rose, and her headband is from Banner Boutique.

Image taken by AvaJack Photography


Happy Shopping!!

30 Fabulous Reuses & Repurposes for Old or Recalled Cribs

Just read this great piece on on what to do with old cribs! Some of the ideas are awesome. If only my husband were handy....

Image from

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fantastic Giveaway on Kara's Party Ideas Today!! $50 for Edible Details

If you like to do your own baking, but don't have enough time for the detail work, let Edible Details do it for you!  Edible Details will match any party theme! 

Kara's Party Ideas is running a great giveaway today for a $50 Edible Details Gift Certificate!! Here's just  one of their creations!  Head on over to KPI to find out how to enter.  Good Luck!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Tuesday Tutorial} Broken Glass Jello

Months ago, I saw broken jello glass for the first time on Food Librarian.  I'm not really a Jello fan, but these looked so cool, I had to try it!  It can be made in just any color combination, making it a great dessert for a themed party.  If it's an adult only party - the addition of Vodka to the Jello would be devine!

Image from Food Librarian

I used the directions from Food Librarian.  I used Berry Blue and Peach Jello for a blue and orange themed party I styled with a pal. 

4 small boxes (3 oz. each) of Jell-O or store brand "gelatin dessert" in different colors.
1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk (NOT evaporated milk)
2 envelopes unflavored gelatin (by Knox - I had a hard time finding this, but it's displayed right next to Jello)

For each flavor, dissolve one box of jello in one cup of boiling water. Pour into a container and chill (overnight is probably best, but I chilled it 3 hours until firm).  I used 8x8 brownie pans.

After chilling the four flavors, cut them into small blocks.  Next time, I will make the blocks slightly bigger.  Carefully mix the blocks in a 9 x 13 pan.

In a separate bowl, sprinkle 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin into 1/2 cup cold water. After the gelatin blooms, add 1 1/2 cup boiling water and dissolve. Add the can of condensed milk. Stir and cool. Pour cooled milk mixture over jello and chill overnight.

When I first poured the condensed milk in
The next day when I took it out of the fridge

 Cut and Serve!

It's very easy to make and it will impress all of your friends and family.  You do need time for the Jello to chill, so you do have to plan it - it's not something you can make a few hours before a party.