Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cupcake Liner Pom Poms from Kara's Party Ideas

Kara's Party Ideas is one of my favorite blogs. It's a must read. Every. Single. Day.

Today, she features a tutorial on how to make beautiful and easy pom poms using cupcake liners! What a great and creative idea! I can't wait to try it. They are perfect fill in for dessert tables where you feel like you need something else, but don't want another dessert. 

Picture from Kara's Party Ideas
You will need:
Cupcake liners {any color or style}
A styrofoam ball
A glue gun

Visit Kara's site on he full tutorial on how to make cupcake liner pom poms. For a great selection of cupcake liners, please visit The Party Atelier.