Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bird Themed First Birthday Party Sneak Peaks!

Well, my sweet baby girl is 9 months old already and I have started to plan her 1st birthday party. Originally it was going to be a fairly large party and I picked Candy "One"derland as my theme, but my husband and I decided to make it a smaller party at our home so I changed themes so I could use Candyland theme another time.

I discovered the cutest modern bird theme from Anders Ruff. .The saying on the invite is what really got me.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I found my new theme.

My, Oh My, How the First Year Flew By!  And isn't it true?   I've already started collecting items that go with the theme and have some fun ideas. 

Design by Anders Ruff
If you have any great ideas for the party, let me know! It's not until May 1.  I'd love to hear your ideas. 

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak!


Anonymous said...

I am doing the same invite for my daughter's first birthday! I was looking for birds and was so excited when I came across this invite! It is so cute! Trying to plan the party now, but would love to hear what "bird" ideas you have! I just found these pink and green small birdhouses on a stick at target actually in the $1 bin! I am going to use them in the centerpieces! Do you have any good thoughts??

My2PinkLadies said...

The pink and green version is so cute too! I am doing little bird accents here and there and trying to incorporate a birdcage on the dessert table. Your CP's sound adorable! I'm trying to concentrate on the colors more so than the birds just so I don't waste a lot of money on stuff I won't reuse.

HBirdwell said...

we are going with a pink lemonade theme and mixing the bird theme in only because we call my baby girl Chloe Bird. Trying to figure out how to mesh the two without making it seem shoved in there.

My2PinkLadies said...

@HBirdwell - I think a pink lemonade stand with a whimsical little bird as an accent would look adorable! Here's a great party if you haven't already found this one. You could easily incorporate a little bird on the top of the lemonade stand and throughout your printables without it being overkill.

HBirdwell said...

ohmygosh!!! I hadn't seen that! What brilliance! We have until mid-April but I have to sew 2 Easter dresses, 1 Easter bow tie & cummerbund (possibly a vest) and plan the party. EEEK! Can't wait to follow your blog to see what your plans are!