Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Individual Cupcake Stands - Tutorial and Free Download

Looking for a new way to jazz up your dessert table? Having a small party and don't need a big cupcake stand? These individual cupcake stands are the answer! Not only are they adorable, but you can make them yourself! Not the DIY type? No worries, you can also buy them from Hello Hanna. That's what I did. They should be arriving any day.

I found a great tutorial on how to make the stands on Sweetly Sweet.  Click here to see the tutorial on how to make the cupcake stands.

Image from Sweetly Sweet

Here's an image from The Tom Kat Studio where you can see how the stands were incorporated into a dessert table. I plan on using mine for my daughter's 1st Birthday Party. 

Image from

Sweetly Sweet was nice enough to share a tutorial on how to make the stands.   Download the file here.  Enjoy!