Monday, February 28, 2011

Macaron PopStands

Last year I was OBESSESSED with macarons. No, I don't mean macaroons, I mean macarons. The French kind. Pure deliciousness. I even ordered some from a bakery in Virginia for my daughter's Christening. Just writing about them is making me crave them. Anyway....everyone's been really into cake pops lately (myself included), but who says you can't make a macaron pop?

I found this great tutorial on Nonpareil. I think I may have to try it!

Macaron Pop Stands
- Styrofoam cones from the floral department at most craft stores.
- Styrofoam-safe spray paint. Traditional spray paints melt styrofoam.
- 7 to 8 yards of your chosen ribbon. 1″ satin ribbon works nicely for the 24″ cones. Consider a narrower width for shorter cones.
- Large washers from a plumbing or hardware store to weigh down the cone. Use a large washer to cover your cone’s base.
- Pearl-head straight pins from a fabric or craft store
- Lollipop sticks slim enough to fit into the cream of your macarons. Your baker may be willing to do this for you as they assemble the macarons.
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Step 1:
Using hot glue, attach large washer to the bottom of the Styrofoam cone. Spray paint the cone in a color that matches or compliments your ribbon, otherwise glimpses of styrofoam may be visible once macaron pops are inserted. Let paint dry.
Step 2:
To achieve straight rows of ribbon on the front of your cone, cut the ribbon in strips to wrap around the cone only once. Align the first ribbon with the top edge of the cone. Pull both ends of the ribbon to the back of the cone and overlap them in a shallow “v” shape so that the ribbon lays smoothly and tautly against the cone. Fold the uppermost end under to hide the raw edge and secure with a pearl-head straight pin. Repeat with subsequent rows of ribbon, slightly overlapping each row.
Step 3:
Using the sticks of your macaron pops, pierce the cones in between the ribbon rows at a downward angle. Begin inserting macaron pops at the bottom of the cone to avoid it becoming top heavy.
Step 4:
Finish the display by inserting a monogrammed topper into the cone. Attach the topper to a lollipop stick with a dab of hot glue.
photo credit : Larry Callahan