Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goldilocks and The Bears Party

This party is amazing! I love it when people are able to totally transform their backyards and or their homes to fit the party theme. In this Goldilocks and the Three Bears party that was featured by Amy Atlas, they modified a bed as the table where the kids ate! How cute is that? My husband would NEVER go for that!!  Would yours? 

A nursery themed party is a perfect choice for a first birthday party.  At that age, kids really aren't in to anything per se.  It's also an age when you can pick the theme yourself and not feel guilty about it!

By 2 years old, they have their favorite books that they love reading over and over again and also makes a perfect theme! 

This is Brennan's 2nd Birthday Party - Check it out!

Photography by John McLaughlin and Paula Biggs.

I love how she used little chairs to display some of the desserts!

Photography by John McLaughlin and Paula Biggs.
This is the table I mentioned before.  I love it. I am sure the kids went crazy over it.  It's such a great idea. 

Customized blocks that match the party theme.

Adorable cookies!

For more over the top and perfectly planned parties,  visit Amy Atlas's blog, Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas.  Enjoy!