Friday, September 24, 2010

Can we talk Etsy?

Etsy is my addiction. I. LOVE. ETSY.  Whether it's for party goods, clothing or accessories, it's my go-to site.  If you've never heard of Etsy - you need to check it out NOW!!!!  Think Ebay but cooler, and handmade.  You can find everything under the sun and more.  I have worked with great vendors and not so great vendors, but here are a few of my favorites!

AndJane - I buy so many bows for my daughters in this shop. They are high quality and fast!
Candice n Katie's Art - I needed a place to store all of the bows and stumbled upon this lovely shop.Check out their profile too - such an inspiring story.
Posh Pixels - for all of your graphic needs.  Kristy is so talented and super sweet too!
A Dash of Color  - I just used them the first time for tissue poms.  Perfection!

Who are your favorite Etsy sellers?