Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Slowly but surely, it's getting there!

My husband is definitely going to think I am nuts!  Yesterday during my lunch hour I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought some white sheer panels to hang behind the dessert bar.  Today I went home for lunch and took down my existing curtains. I'll have to iron the sheers tonight and with any luck, DH will help me hang them!

Here's sneak peek at some of the stuff I have:
These plates are from Home Goods!  I got a ton from the collection.  Each piece was $12.99 or less.  I've started replacing the black ribbon with pink ribbon.  That's the great thing about this collection - it goes with everything and you can really tailor them to your theme. 

Some old Apothecary jars I had.  I think they are from Bed Bath and Beyond from 2 years ago.