Monday, September 20, 2010

My first post

This is my first post, how exciting! 

I'm currently in the process of planning 2 parties!  The first one is my younger daughter's Christening party and the other is my older daughter's 3rd birthday party.  The Christening party is at our home and the pressure is on! We're having about 40 adults and 15 kids.  Please pray for no rain!! 

I'm attempting my first dessert table a la Amy Atlas. I have been planning it for months.  It's a lot harder than I thought and more expensive than I imagined.  BUT - if it's a success, I see lots of dessert tables in our future!

The theme of the party is pink and white zebra.  I was inspired by these really cute napkin rings I saw on Etsy (Etsy's been my addition for months!!) .  I've ordered a bunch of printables from Posh Pixels Design Studio and now  am in the process of getting everything put together.

More to come.....


PartyMom said...

Hi there! I connected over here through CPN and just wanted to welcome you to the blogging world. I'm pretty new to it as well (just hit one month!). From what I've seen of your planning so far, everything looks very pretty!

My2PinkLadies said...

Thanks PartyMom!