Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3rd Birthday

I can't believe one of my pink ladies is turning 3 next week.  It blows my mind how fast time is flying.  I know it sounds so cliche, but its true. My other pink lady turns 6 months next week.  I am trying to appreciate the baby phase a little more this time around.  They definitely keep me busy!

I decided not to have E's party at home. Instead it's at a nearby farm.  And when I say farm. it's a bit of a stretch since we live on Long Island, New York, but it's pretty close ;)  Since we are having the party out, there is not much for me to plan, but I did go nuts on the invitations.  I LOVE them!!!  I have to take a picture of them in the box with the raffia, but here's what they look like.  My friend Andrea recreated the design for me and I printed them via Mpix.com.  BTW, if you've never used Mpix, they are awesome. Great quality and service to boot! 

I bought the bandannas in bulk from ihomewholesale  They were like $5 for 12 of them.  I bought the boxes from Uline and the raffia from AC Moore (less messy than hay). 

Here's the birthday girl's outfit. Isn't it cute?  I  plan on pairing it with black leggings and either black cowboy boots if she'll wear them - you know how 3 year olds can be) or black converse sneakers.

The dress is from Etsy. The seller is Girliebows. I also got these bows from AndJane, another Etsy seller who I get tons of bows from! 

I got an equally adorable dress for my 6 month old but I can't find the picture right now.

More to come!! 


PartyMom said...

Lookin good there! I love the invitations...and that dress is perfect!