Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whew...It's been a busy few days!!

What a whirlwind!  Late last week and Saturday I was so busy preparing for my daughter's Christening that was on 10/3.  Then I had to get up at 4am on Monday morning to leave for a work trip!  I am finally back and am playing catch up.

My daughter's Christening was awesome!  The party was at our home and we had about 50 people over.  It was worth all the hard work and planning!  Over the next few days I'll dedicate a whole blog post to the party and I'll share all the vendors I used. 

Here's 2 sneak peeks from the wonderful Michelle McFadden Photography - lots more pics to come!!

My beauty...(one of them at least!)

Part of the candy bar I created.  Signs are from Posh Pixels Design Studio and the french macarons are from Petites Bouchees.