Monday, November 1, 2010

Free Photo Books!! Send-a-Smile

If you are like me, you take a lot of pictures.  Some good, some not so good but that doesn't stop me from trying!  It drives my husband crazy!!  A few years ago I was frustrated with all of the loose prints I had all over the house.  In an effort to try to stop doing this, I started creating Photo Books!

I have been using a company called SmileBooks and I have to say, the quality is amazing! I can only compare it to Snapfish (the only other brand photo book I have used) and I have to say my SmileBook blows it away.  Seriously, it does.

Right now, they are running a Send-A-Smile Promotion.  You can send a coupon for a free 8 x8 photo book to a friend and in return you get a 30% off coupon code.  Pretty cool, right?