Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday Photo Tips from Layla Grace and Tiny prints

If you are like me, getting the perfect holiday photo can be really hard, not to mention stressful. The last few years I have left this to the professionals, but I always try to attempt my own photos. Last year Ava Jack Photography took some amazing shots of my daughter that I used  for my Tiny Print holiday cards and this year September Blue will be taking our holiday photos. The session is actually next weekend! YAY!!

Here is the card from Tiny Prints that I created last year with photos from Ava Jack Photography.  
It's an accordion style card and they still card it this year if you are interested.  Perky Plaid: Winterberry Card



Here are some Holiday DIY Photo Tips from the Layla Grace Blog featuring  Trish Reda and  Tiny Prints:

Go black and white. Not only is black and white classic, but it also will never clash with any card you choose. Black and white also pops when placed on a card with festive colors.

Dress down. When your kids are dressed up with ties, jackets, dresses, tights and Mary Janes, I can almost guarantee you that your image will be as stiff as their clothes. Save the fancy clothes for the parties, but break away from it when you’re taking their photograph. Instead dress them in either solid colors, or light subtle patterns. Instead of “fancy”, think “texture.” Ruffles, linen, layered fabrics, scarves and denim lend a lot of interest and dimension to black and white photographs.

Don’t over think your location. Know what works as far as lighting goes. Avoid direct sunlight. Stick with the shade with the open sky in front of them like a doorway, a window or a nook in your backyard. Any place with an abundance of natural light can make a huge difference. Then, follow them around and see where they go. Let them roll around on your bed. Messy is preferable (remember texture). Chase them to that old run down wooden fence you’ve been meaning to replace.

Learn your camera settings. Today’s cameras can do amazing things in difficult light. Take the time to figure out how to raise your camera’s ISO (film speed) to 400 or even 800. This will lower the chances of your flash popping and in doing so will give you the dimensionality that only natural light can do.

Don’t stress your kids out. I can’t reiterate this enough. Nothing ruins the possibility of a good shot than forcing the moment, bribing and threatening your kids. If they’re being a little naughty, let them. A little naughty – it makes for a really great image most days. If you bribe them, just know that they are now keenly aware of how bad you want to get the shot. Good luck after that!

Have fun. Seriously. Don’t let the annual holiday card photograph be a source of bad memories and possible future therapy. Play with your kids in the process. Make it a REAL memory instead of a one way mission to the card. You will thank yourself later.

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